As soon as we started this project, we knew what we want to raise money for: less cancer, more cure and a better life for cancer patients. Therefore we chose the Dutch ‘KWF Kankerbestrijding’ and  the German ‘Deutsche Krebshilfe‘ as charities. In our own lives there have been just too many people suffering from this terrible disease. Research is important, but expensive. We want to take this opportunity to make a contribution. In case you like to read more about the work of KWF Kankerbestrijding or Deutsche Krebshilfe: just click the logos on our front page to visit their websites.

By donating or sponsoring our project, you will support our charities and help us to cover some expenses as well. We use our own resources and time for this project, but preparation for and the trip itself will be expensive.  Nevertheless, guaranteed 60 percent of our sponsoring revenues and donations will go straight to our charities (both get half). That’s our promise! We want to be fully transparent about the money we generate and will regularly update this website with actual data. No matter how you participate, whether as a private person or as a company: let’s make a contribution to a cancer free world. Ride with us!