Atlantic Pacific Ocean Drive 2020

The route: Hamburg – Vladivostok

The Atlantic Pacific Ocean Drive (APOD) is the superlative when it comes to adventure rallies. In all its wild and feral glory, it spans over 15,000 kilometers from Hamburg to Vladivostok. During our journey, we climb six of the world’s tallest mountain ranges and cross four of the driest deserts on the planet. We will pass eight time zones whilst travelling from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.









About Us

Hi , we’re Anne & Piet.

We are Anne and Piet. Both in our mid-forties and always willing to explore the world. In our daily lives we work fulltime (Anne in The Netherlands and Piet in Germany). We’ve been together for 15 years and share our house with our always active red cat called Soxx. We like cooking, Netflixing, playing board games and of course travelling.

In 2007 we joined our first fund-raising-rally: the Amsterdam-Dakar Challenge. Back then, we succeeded this rally in an old DAF 66YA which we bought for € 500. Ever since, we knew we would do a project like that again. And now, here we are! In between, we travelled to countries as Vietnam, New Zealand and Cuba, but also to less visited ones as Ukraine and North Korea. And with our 43 years old Volkswagen T2b campervan we have travelled cross Europe: all the way south to the Algarve in Portugal and as far east as Albania. So yes: we have come around. But now, it’s time to put all our experience in this great challenge: the expedition from Hamburg to Vladivostok.

Anne is making an effort to learn Russian. Furthermore she speaks English and some German, French and Spanish. Piet more relies on technique (welcome apps and devices) when it comes to translation of most languages, but does speak German and English quite well. We will find out if that is enough for travelling through Central Asian and former Soviet countries.

The Route

Hamburg to Vladivostok

July 2020 we’ll start in Hamburg and first drive cross Europe to Turkey. We’ll then visit countries like Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan and Kazakhstan. After a long trip through Mongolia and Russia we’ll reach our final destination Vladivostok.

During the challenge we need to trust our good sense (and our other senses!) to guide us through Western and Central Asia: we are only allowed to use a map and a compass. GPS and navigation systems are a no-go! We are ready for it: it’s time to begin the greatest adventure in our lives so far! Support us or donate for our charities. And come along this website regularly, so you can join us on our road trip.  Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you’ll get all the news first.


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